Friday, 6 November 2009

Smoking is Injurious to Your Health

Indeed it is, and so is the smog of Mumbai. The Time Out guide to Mumbai and Goa claims that just breathing the air is equivalent to smoking two packets of cigarettes a day. I believe it. When I arrived on Tuesday morning I was awaiting the smell of India, as it were. I had been told that it would be the first thing to strike me, there is a 'smell of spice' one person told me. I was, therefore, somewhat disappointed to be met by what I can only describe as a urinal-type smell when I arrived which no less pleasantly transformed into traffic fumes. I think I am losing a day of life expectancy with each passing breath.

I have arrived by the way. It has happened. I am really here.

To return to my previous point, that little diatribe on the air is not actually why I chose the title of this post. The title in fact is an oh so amusing notice that I saw at a western-style supermarket. It made me chuckle but not quite as much as this quote: "All of this means that if you drive out into the desert to quench your thirst for adventure, there's no chance of you ending up as a bleached white skeleton, half-buried in the desert sand." Quite. It's from an advertisement for, yes, you guessed it, Tyres of course!

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