Monday, 16 November 2009

November Rain

Some say that Swansea is the wettest city in the U.K. In fact Wikipedia tells me that the Met Office says so, so it must be true. It does rain an awful lot in Swansea, perhaps too much. Recently whenever I crossed into Wales or got off the train at Swansea station the clouds would decide that it was rightly time for them to empty their loads. How annoying. No fear, I thought, when heading off to India, Mumbai may experience the monsoon, but that's only from May till October right?


Despite every climate graph I have seen showing the most minimal amount of rain in November, somehow throughout the last week we have experienced what was reported to be a cyclone (please observe the links below).

One local told me that: "It never rains in November." Instead most of last week was spent dripping wet from rainwater (as opposed to sweat, so there is an upside). It would seem I take the weather with me everywhere I go.

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  1. Glad to hear all seems well dude, if a little wet on the side :)