Thursday, 1 October 2009

(Almost) Exodus

So the time is drawing near to when I should be departing and a few people have been clamouring for an update. When I say few I mean two. And when I say clamouring I mean casually inquired. The reason I gave them for silence on the blog front is on account of the fact that nothing has really happened yet. I am, after all, still here in the U.K.

I have, however, starting the role! It's very exciting. I have so far travelled to the exotic Tonbridge in Kent and Manchester on "business". Four interviews, as such, have been conducted and I am starting to flesh out a picture of Oasis India's history. For a sad history geek like me it is very exciting to watch history happening before my eyes!

In theory I should be flying out on Monday, October 12th. Though that is depending on raising all the finance in time and so may be subject to change. Until then I shall continue to sort out the mundane, but important, tasks. Little things such as visa's and packing. Like I said, trivial matters.

Until then, well, this blog shall remain as it is. (Hopefully) informative, but not overly interesting.

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  1. it's only the 12th, so have you gone yet then or what?!